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Term & Conditions

New accounts and special orders - 50% deposit on acceptance of quotation, balance on delivery. Quotations are subject to viewing any supplied art/copy/disk/file or film and unless specified as PRESS READY, extra expenses may be incurred.

Prices are subject to stock prices and availability at time of order. We reserve the right to substitute fonts as necessary to ensure registered legal fonts are used. All quotations provide for 1 proof, upon request, for customer approval. Any alterations or additions to copy, not consistent with client's original instructions will be charged as authors corrections. We accept no responsibility for errors or omissions in customer approved proofs.

Prices quoted are valid for 14 days from the date shown on the quotation and include one delivery to a single address as specified on the quotation. Any additional freight will be charged at commercial rates.Though every endeavor will be made to meet delivery date requested no responsibility or liability for any losses whatsoever will be accepted by Tango Print & Design for failure to meet delivery times.

Tango Print & Design reserves the right to apply an account keeping fee to all invoices 14 calendar days over due. The fee is 10% of each over due invoice.













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